Agile Self Management

Authentic understanding creates new insights, with knowledge, which is derived using truth as a proof. Truth is the sharpest tool in the box, vainly resisted everyday by our mind-sets. Agile Self Management can make mind-set adaptation stress free, if you can work with the truth. Learn More

Ethical Projects Require Ethical Passion

Passion in projects demands a human heart. Being sincerely wrong clouds minds, falsely assures and breaks hearts. Passionate courses with risks like these, requires special planning, where vision is guided and adapted by authentic knowledge, to always serve the will to better.

Myi-Witness Open Your I's With Your Self

See how listening with your 'Self', is very different to listening with your 'I's' in personal and professional roles. A clearer perspective from the inside out eradicates Self doubt and prevents the creation of false positives such as 'self esteem'. Myi-Witness makes it simple and easy to watch, learn, discern and adapt more rapidly within. Prevent stress build up, with an assured clarity and balance using your Self.

Projects Using Agile Self Management

Making the assimilation of new knowledge gained with experience easier and faster. Serving emergent human knowledge means living with and through knowledge of constant ignorance.

Compatible With

Agile Self Management seamlessly integrates levereges the best solutions.

Crystal Agile makes it easy to find and focus upon what matters in the human knowledge project.

Alistair Cockburn

Getting Things Done is a proven method for keeping personal mind-sets engaged.

David Allen Getting Things Done

Mindful 1st integrates the intellectual understanding of the Heart Sutra. The 'two truths' which enables underpin this perspective of the nature of Self and Personal identity makes for more rapid new knowledge.

Someone famous in Source Title

The 7 habits of highly effective people offers useable contexts from within which to apply the positive participation methods employed.

Stephen R. Covey he 7 habits of highly effective people

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Serving emergent human knowledge we provide a range of Mindful 1st solutions that enable faster and constant integration of new knowledge in small dynamic learning projects up to 10 people.


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